Bespoke word and Inquiry

So many companies, so many requirements. TRABO is well aware of this. For this reason we can provide made to order storage solutions in addition to our standard range of products.

These are made in accordance with your specifications and are fitted with the additions you require such as duckboards, intermediate walls or modifications that provide additional sturdiness. With TRABO all options are open!

We can offer you two possibilities of requesting bespoke work from us:

1) Electronically via the form shown here: You simply have to specify the type of material with which the case is to be made and what the WxHxD dimensions should be in the text field. You can send the quotation request via e-mail to us.

2) Via fax: Download this pdf document in order to obtain a dimensioned sketch and print it out. You can use the sketch in order to specify your requirements. Subsequently, you can send this sketch via fax or e-mail to us.

Of course you can also send us a request for our standard programm

Ask for bespoke work